Who’s Who in Langley – Aug 13, 2020 – Langley Times Advance

This morning one of my friends told me I was in the local newspaper! I am very honored and thank you Derby Reach Brae Island Parks Association. However, one item is incorrect, I only recruit volunteers for Apple Day, I did not instigated, Apple Day was started long ago.. and it is a fun celebration.

This was in the Langley Times Advance August 13, 2020

By Rick Colman who has a Who’s Who in Langley

Who’s Who in Langley

More than Three Decades of Volunteerism

Walnut Grove Resident, Anne Gosse, fell in love with local parks more that 30 years ago.  “I enjoy the parks and I go to almost all the parks” the self-described “outdoor girl” says.  Gosse explains she joined the Derby Reach Brae Island Regional Park Association (DRBIPA) so her grandchildren and others could also enjoy the parks.

She worked tirelessly for years on the DRBIPA board of directors and continues to contribute as a volunteer.

Her achievements include creating a viewing platform at the edge of the Langley Bog – 70 acres of bog forest –  200 acres of mined bog, and two bog meadows – inside Derby Reach Regional Park.

Gosse is also credited with instigating the annual Heritage Apple Day event.

She has led guided bird walks for DRBIPA and is currently their social media volunteer.  A recent association newsletter thanked her for “her passion and dedication to protecting and preserving green spaces in our community”.

Gosse has also volunteered with the Campbell Valley Nature House (12 years).  Langley Field Naturalist 17 years, and she used to be a member of the White Rock and Surrey Naturalist for 12 years.

“I do it because I really like our local parks, especially Metro parks”.

Sponsored by Rich Coleman MLA

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DRBIPA Volunteer Celebrations 2020

Volunteer Celebrations

Volunteers are the heart and soul of our Park Association. Our goal is to promote appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of Derby Reach and Brae Island Regional Parks while preserving and enhancing their natural and historical features. We love planning community events and stewardship conservation events in the parks – and our volunteer Park Ambassadors and Board of Directors are the driving force behind everything we do. Please take a moment to “meet” one of our dedicated Volunteers and celebrate their hard work with us. Thank you for all that you do, Anne Gosse!
Anne worked tirelessly for years as one of our Board of Directors in the past and is now a DRBIPA Park Ambassador. She was instrumental in advocating for and executing our Viewing Platform at the edge of the Langley Bog and spends lots of time coordinating volunteers for our annual Heritage Apple Day event. She has led guided bird walks for us and is currently our social media volunteer. We thank her for her passion and dedication to protecting and preserving green spaces in our community.   Thank you for all that you do, Anne Gosse!
“I fell in love with all Metro Van Regional Parks over 30 years ago, while I hiked, bird watched and explored each of these beautiful lower mainland gems.  Metro Van Regional Parks has my lasting admiration for being a staunch bulwark against encroaching urban development and saving beautiful stands of green forests, marshy wetlands, and wild long grass meadows for birds, animals – and people.   As a passionate naturalist and voice for the environment, I joined my neighborhood Derby Reach Brae Island Regional Park Association so my grandchildren and others could continue to enjoy these lovely natural areas into the future”.  ~Anne Gosse

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Alert Bay – Sept 9th -12th 2019

We were very lucky to have a great talk and presentation inside the Alert Bay U’mista Cultural Center on Alert Bay. We learned about this valuable and amazing display of first nations artifacts, masks, and some of the culture of the area. Fascinating.

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Grizzly Bears of Knights Inlet Sept 9-12, 2019 – BC Nature

BC Nature Grizzly and Whale Watching Camp Sept 9-12, 2019

Our BC Nature group were taken over the Johnson Strait to Knights Inlet early in the morning by two small boats. The captains and guides were constantly on the look-out for black bears turning over rocks on the sides of the islands and coves we passed while on our way towards Knights Inlet. The sea, salt, sea birds, dolphins and lonely islands were a wonderful balm to our senses.

Once we arrived at our landing destination in Knights Inlet were given lunch on the floating dock before we boarded flat bottemed boats to view grizzly bears. Once we started up the river, we quickly found a grizzly mother and her two cubs eating the long reed grasses beside the river. We were able to get good views from our flat bottemed boats and stayed watching this family for quite some time. What a beautiful treat to see from the safety of our boats!

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BC Nature Grizzly Bears and Whale Camp Sept 9-12th 2019

Telegraph Cove Whale & Grizzly Bear Watching – BC Nature Camp Sept 9-12th
Our little grey house on the boardwalk that slept six went up and down with the tide. We had a very good time in this camp and saw lots. There were many orcas seen and we also saw them rubbing on the Robson Blight shore pebbles. Our guide showed them rubbing on the orca-live.net website site as well, while we watched from the required one mile distance.
It was heartening to hear that the orcas in this area of the Johnson Strait are doing very well unlike our orcas in Georgia Strait.
Many Humpbacks whales were seen as well as Stellars sealions, Dolphins withg lots of sea birds making it a great day out on the water!

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Yukon, Aug 27-Sept 4th

The Yukon was a fabulous place to visit. It was cold at night and in the morings, only warming up about noon, no rain and at least 20 C about 1:00 pm. The fall colours of the trees, black pine, popular, birch bark were turning into beautiful golds, yellows and orange, with the mountainside bushes turning purple red. The trees were not very tall as the growing season is so short. However, it is a vast land full of rivers, mountains, lakes, trees. We only saw one bear but there is lots in the territory we are told. We went to old Carmacks and Carcross.

Most exciting we landed in our 48 seat BC Air plane on a dirt runway to drop off several miners at a place called Mayo, the fourth largest city in the Yukon. Apparently there are many different mines in this area thus its very rich in minerals.

Dawson was our favorite spot – as the history was still there, muddy, raw and roaring you could feel in the saloons and buildings.

We were lucky that Marion and Brain drove us up the Bonanza Creek road to see all the signage about the many different claims and their owners. The whole creek had claims very 50 feet. It was facinating to read and hear about this history.

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Dawson, Yukon Aug 27-Sept 4th

George and I outside the Sourdough Saloon. Marion and I wooping it up in Dawson Yukon Red Feather Saloon. Brian and our tour guide Lou on stage shaking their bottoms with the can can girls at Diamond Tooth Gerties!

“I wanted the gold, and I sought it, I scrabbled and mucked like a slave. Was it famine or scurvy – I fought it; I hurled my youth into a grave, I wanted the gold, and I got it — Came out with a fortune last fall, Yet somehow life’s not what I thought it, and somehow the gold isn’t all……..”

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Manning Park Heather Meadows July 21, 2019


Manning Park Heather Meadows are always at their best on or around the third week of July. This year on July 21st, after the last rain, they are just now very spectatular! The meadows are full of blooming alpine flowers of all colours and species. I counted nearly 30 different species. Now is the best time to view and visit the beautiful alpine meadows to see this wonderful display of nature. It will only last a week. The road up to the meadows is lined with flowers all the way! Like a bit of heaven! Our Rocky Mountain paradise!


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The Purple Martins Returned after five years! May 15, 2019

Purple Martins have returned to the tip of Brae Island in Derby Reach Park! After installing Purple Martin boxes and cleaning, and monitoring for five years, last year they started to return and nest! This year three pairs back on May 15th – picking out a box home to nest in.

To encourage a declining population Purple Martin bird boxes were installed on the tip of Brae Island Derby Reach Park by Metro Parks and Langley Field Naturalists. These are the Purple Martins on Brae Island at Tavishstock Point. They have just come back to our area! There is now only two pairs seen. Hope more will come.

About Purple Martins: – Purple Martin (Progne subis) is the largest member of swallows in North America. Purple Martin, along with other swallows are a group of migratory birds which are commonly referred as aerial insectivores, birds which feed exclusively on flying insects. Canadian populations of aerial insectivores are experiencing sharp declines and the cause is not clear. In Ontario alone, Purple Martin population has been declining by over seven percent annually, since monitoring began in 1970. Like you, we care for Purple Martins and want to keep hearing the cheerful sounds of this beloved neighborhood bird. By learning more about the source of their decline and engaging communities in conservation efforts we can help to identify solutions, improve breeding success, recover populations and ensure long-term stewardship.

Purple Martin, along with other swallows are facing a long term gradual decline and unfortunately there is no way to point out exactly what is causing this loss of species. There are many factors that could be playing a role in this decline; environmental threats along their migratory route and at their wintering grounds (deforestation in the Amazon), decrease in food availability, inability to adapt to climate change, nest site competition with invasive species (particularly Starlings and House Sparrows), exposure to pesticides, and industrial development projects are just a few examples.

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor
Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor
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Image may contain: sky, cloud, mountain, tree, outdoor and nature


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Another Great TALK Program 2019

Two TV hosts discuss: “It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.”
With City TV and Mike Kloss weatherman! Another great TALK program!

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